Miracle in the sky


Regular traveller and sometimes editor of Languedoc Living, Phil, has a travel story with a very happy ending for you.

Sat on the plane in 2C….

The Cabin Manager came to see the professional-looking passenger in 2D with the passenger manifest list in her hands.

Are you Mr LeBlanc? (Name changed)

“Yes, I am”.

“Back in a minute”, she replied.

Sure enough, a moment or two later she came back with a laptop computer in her hands.

“Do you have a laptop like this, sir?”

Confused, and ever so slightly impressed, he nervously confirmed he did.

“Could I see it, please?”

Now, at this point I was thinking that he’d left his machine at the gate and they’d tracked him down. He’d check his bag, discover it missing, and be re-united – which would have been a happy ending, of course.

But no. The reality is even better.

He got his bag down and there it was, an identical laptop. He started it up and I watched as his face revealed the shock that the laptop in his bag was not his own.

The Cabin Manager gave him the other machine which he opened up, started and sure enough it was his.

So, who was the rightful owner of the machine in his bag?

Amazingly, a woman on the same flight, sat in 8C, had started up her laptop (or so she thought) – and to her shock had seen it was not hers after all.

Fortunately, the owner’s name came up on screen and the Cabin Manager had the insight to check the manifest and put the two together.

The only possible answer for the switch, other than an elaborate Hollywood-style ID theft sting, is that they went through security near to each other and picked up the wrong laptops.

What are the chances that they’d be on the same plane?

Once landed, they were last seen heading to a Tabac to buy a Lottery ticket…