Missing Hérault man found in well

Bélarga, a commune of 586 people

Husnedine El Bourimi, a man from Hérault who has been missing for three years, has finally been found. A body was found in a well just outside Bélarga, Hérault, and it has been identified as the missing man.

At the end of January 2016, Husnedine El Bourimi’s family called the police to report him missing.  A few days earlier, the 25 year old man answered a phone call late at night, and then left the family home in Servian at speed.  He has never been seen since.

A few days after his disappearance, his car was found burned on the roadside on the way toward Saint-Pargoire, a few kilometres from the family home.

The investigation has been active for three years, and various leads were followed up.

This Tuesday, July 2, two people in their thirties who are both relatives of the victim were arrested in the context of this case.  The arrests were carried out simultaneously.  On Wednesday a field near Bélarga was cordoned off and tents were erected.  Bones were found in a well, which were later identified as the missing man.

The men who were arrested were from Bélarga and Bédarieux, the former is known to the police for previous crimes, and has admitted that he was involved in the murder.

“Drug trafficking is also on the table,” said the prosecutor.  An autopsy will be carried out next week.

Source: Midi Libre