Montpellier airport punctuality stats are looking good


Last year, 1.8 million passengers passed through Montpellier-Méditerranée airport.

Flightright has published its latest indicators, based on last year’s figures. And it was a year marked by a long conflict at Air France.

“The summer of 2019 should definitely be calmer than last year,” said Flightright’s Oskar de Felice.

10.44% of flights in Montpellier are more than thirty minutes late

In this ranking of the airports with the lowest rates of delay, Montpellier-Méditerranée ranks fourth in the country, with 10.44% of flights delayed.  Leading in this category according to Flightright, is Pau-Pyrénées, with only 5.8% late flights, ahead of Brest with 9.23% and Lille, with 10.18%. Flightright considers a flight as delayed from thirty minutes.

Pau is however a small airport, only twentieth in the rank by traffic, with a little more than 600,000 travellers per year. In contrast, the fifth French airport with 9.6 million passengers in 2018, Toulouse appears in twelfth place, with 12.09%.

In the category of cancellations of flights, Montpellier does less well than its great regional rival.  Montpellier’s stats for cancelled flights is 2.72 % versus 2.2 % at Toulouse Blagnac, despite 89,000 flights, five times more passengers and almost 4% more traffic at Blagnac.

Source: Midi Libre