Mouse found in baby milk from Perpignan


A box of baby milk was purchased in a pharmacy in Perpignan.

To the father’s horror, when he returned home and opened the box to prepare it for his six month old child,  he found a dead mouse on top of the powder in the box.

He is bringing a claim against the brand Laboratoire Gallia.

The product was made by Laboratoire Gallia, Calisma 2 range for children from 6 to 12 months, packaged in packs of 800 grams.  Lucas, the father, immediately contacted the consumer service whose number appears on the packaging.

“The quality of our products is our top priority”

“We took the complaint very seriously and we treat it with the utmost attention because the quality of our products is our top priority”, confirmed the communication department at Laboratoire Gallia. “Given our quality requirements, we do not understand how this could happen.”  For the moment, the product is still on the shelves of pharmacies.

Source: l’Independant