MPs back plan to ban single-use plastic by 2040


MPs have approved plans to ban single-use plastics in France from 2040, but critics argue the measures could be enforced much sooner.

A proposed ban on single-use plastics was presented to the Senate in September but was rejected after a second vote. Earlier this week, however, MPs backed an amendment to France’s anti-waste law that sets five-year targets for plastic reduction ahead of a total ban in 2040.

The ban targets “all food packaging, bottles and everything in our cupboards to do with domestic and industrial consumption,” said the MP behind the proposal, Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie.

But green MP David Cormand said the amendment – which has the support of the government – still allowed companies to “carry on producing plastic for an entire generation”.

The World Wildlife Fund, meanwhile, urged France to act faster. “We cannot wait until 2040 to ban plastic bags, bottles or other disposable plastics in public administrations,” it said.

Source: The Connexion