Narbonne: timber lorry crash causes chaos


A story broke late on Wednesday night which just missed our cut-off for Thursday’s edition…

Traffic on the A9 was severely disrupted on Wednesday evening in the north> south direction by Narbonne after a serious crash involving a timber truck.

The logging truck was heading from Carcassonne, carrying 40 tons of rough-cut timber on board. The driver lost control of his vehicle after two tyres burst. He veered across three lanes before smashing into the central reservation and dumping his load onto two lanes in opposite directions.

The truck also crashed into two cars but no vehicles were damaged by the logs. No casualties were reported. The blood alcohol test driver was negative.

Traffic was still disrupted late on Wednesday night in the direction of Spain, from Beziers to Narbonne.

As the picture shows, the task of clearing the road of truck and timber was no minor exercise.  The road was cleared by about 11pm.