No flies on me


Spent ground coffee is not only useful to put on the garden for fertiliser, but at this time of year you might want to save some for repelling bugs.

They say that burning ground coffee keeps flies, mosquitoes and other insects away.


Insects have a strong sense of smell, and they don’t like the smell of burning coffee.  Smoke also acts as a repellent to insects, as they see that as a danger.

Put used dry ground coffee in an oil burner, light the candle, and see for yourself.

So does it work?

We’ve done some experiments here at the summer (outside) Languedoc Living office.  It certainly repelled the flies during the day.  So yes, it worked.  Towards 5pm when the mosquitoes normally start to arrive, it seemed to keep some of the mosquitoes at bay, although some of the larger ones seem to push on through.

Having proved that it works for flies, we decided to resort to burning the very effective coils to keep the mozzies away for the evening, but if anyone wants to try it at peak mosquito time and report back to us, we’ll publish your results.

Give it a go, it’s a cheap and non-toxic option, and it certainly repels the annoying flies.