Not sure if a mushroom is poisonous? Don’t risk it!


The public health agency Anses has warned people to be careful about picking mushrooms.  Since July, over 500 people have been poisoned by mushrooms, with the majority of those since the beginning of October.

The ceps season is in full swing, and this year it’s been a bumper year for them.

Many people have taken to mushroom foraging, but unfortunately for some, they are picking non-edible mushrooms.  Eating harmful fungi can lead to severe vomiting and abdominal pain within 12 hours.  In more severe forms, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, cold sweats and collapse can occur.

If you feel ill after eating mushrooms, you should call 15 or the poison control centre for your area.

Don’t take any risks, if you aren’t sure, don’t pick it!

Pharmacies historically have offered a service to identify mushrooms, but fewer and fewer offer this service now.  Young pharmacists are not taught about fungi.