Nursing home deaths confirmed as food poisoning

Food poisoning confirmed at Lherm nursing home / © E.Cabanis/France 3 Occitanie

The Toulouse public prosecutor’s office has confirmed the hypothesis of food poisoning after five people died at the Lherm’s nursing home in Haute-Garonne.

On March 31st, after the evening meal at the nursing home several residents became ill.  Four people died within hours, and a fifth person was declared dead the next day.

According to the first conclusions of the investigations and the results of the biological analysis, “the hypothesis of the food poisoning is now confirmed” said a statement from the public prosecutor at Toulouse.

The statement said that 17 complaints were received from members the victims’ families.  A total of 26 people had become ill.

Two magistrates instructors have been appointed to carry out an investigation into the (unnamed) people who will be on trial for “aggravated manslaughter, aggravated unintentional injuries, endangering others, and placing food on the market that was detrimental to human health” .

Source: France 3