Olive trees are suffering from drought


We’ve heard about the scorched vines that are suffering badly from the heatwaves, but now it’s the olive trees that are suffering from the drought.

Most of Occitanie’s departments are on drought alert with water restrictions for farmers. In the Gard, the olive trees, even though accustomed to the Mediterranean climate, are affected by the lack of water.

Since she planted her olive trees, Catherine Fournier, a producer of olive oil, in Marguerittes in the Gard has never seen a season as bad as this. Many of her trees are not producing olives.

Catherine expects to produce only 50 litres of olive oil instead of the usual 300.

In his farm of 10,000 organic olive trees, Fabien Jeanjean, olive producer in Saint-Gilles in the Gard, took matters into his own hands.

“When the earth is dry, it needs water, it breaks, the water evaporates and we lose all the water that goes into the soil. So we have worked the soil, we have closed these crevasses to keep the water already in the ground, explained Fabien.

Thanks to this extra work, Fabien Jeanjean’s olive trees have produced enough olives this year.

To help him in the olive groves, he had to hire one more worker than normal to carry out this experiment, so either way, the price of olive oil is likely to rise this year.

Source: France 3