On-line cat litter tray can monitor your cat’s health

La première litière pour chat connectée créée par une start up de Montpellier. / © C. Chabaud. FTV

A start-up from Montpellier has invented the first on-line connected litter tray.  The device offers the cat’s owner the ability to observe the behaviour of the cat,  control its weight, and run analyses of the cat’s health.

Still at prototype stage, the cat litter tray will be marketed in early 2020, and will cost €300.

The goal is to follow the daily health of the cat, at home, in its natural environment.  “It has been equipped with several sensors for weighing, presence … A time stamp will inform us about the frequency of visits to the tray and their duration, the temperature of the animal and if desired we can also make a urinary analysis,” said Philippe Daurenjou, CEO abd founder of Novandsat, Caremitou.

The owner can retrieve the data via an app on their smartphone, with an option to send directly to the vet.

The start-up is already working on a product for dogs.

Source: France 3