Pain au chocolat or chocolatine?


What do you say, “pain ou chocolat” or “chocolatine”?

Apparently 47% of people from Occitanie say chocolatine, as do 63% of people from Aquitaine, while the rest of France, or specifically 90% of the rest of France, say pain au chocolat.

This is, according to the Very Important Federation of Bakery Enterprises (FEB), “a great debate that has been stirring for far too long.”

The long awaited (for some) Ifop survey, published on Thursday says definitively that 84% of the population will ask for a pain au chocolat at the bakery, as opposed to 16% who will ask for a chocolatine.

84% say pain au chocolat, 16% say chocolatine

So now you know, yes, people from the Southwest are different from the rest of France.  We knew that anyway didn’t we?

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