Partagence association helps flood victims


The Partagence association is based in Carcassonne. Its aim is to provide furniture to families who have been affected by floods in the Aude, to help them get back on their feet again.

France 3 interviewed Marco, who explained that he, his wife and their four children lost everything in the floods of 15 October in Fabrezan. The Orbieu river burst its banks, and swept everything out of their house. The water was nearly two metres high in the house.

Thanks to the Partagence association, the family are gradually building their lives back up again. The volunteers delivered beds, furniture and some toys to their temporary home. “The insurance money will barely cover the costs of the work to the house, and certainly won’t cover the replacement furniture,” said Marco.

The association was born in Ile-de-France five years ago. “We rely on corporate donations, they get a 60% tax reduction on donations,” said Claude Frégeac, president of Partagence.

The association hopes to be able to help 300 families affected by the floods in the coming months.