Perpignan Paris flight turns into a nightmare


Hop! flight AF7465 which left Perpignan at 10:30am on Wednesday 26 June never arrived in Paris.  It was diverted to Toulouse after smoke started appearing on board.

“The plane landed normally in Toulouse at 11:44 am where four customers slightly affected by the event were taken care of by the firefighters after the landing,” a Hop! company spokesperson said.

“The customers were taken care of by the Air France commercial teams at Toulouse in order to be rerouted towards their final destination”, they added.

I thought I would die

Several passengers spoke to France Bleu Roussillon about the total panic on board.

“I thought I would  die”, said one passenger.  “Five minutes after a noise, the hostess came out of the cabin with an oxygen mask and a diving suit, and we realised that something was going wrong”.

“When you see the hostess in a panic with the mask on her head …it’s not good” said another witness.

In its communication, Air France said that “that its crews are trained regularly to manage this type of known and controlled situation and flight safety is an absolute imperative.”

Source: Midi Libre