Philippe presents lockdown release plan


Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the release of the lockdown plans on Tuesday.

More confirmation will follow during the week.

Here is what he suggested about what will change on 11 May, but this may differ from department to department:

  1. The attestation will not be needed if you are within 100km from home.
  2. If you are working from home, you must continue to do so.
  3. No more than 10 children will be allowed in a group within a creche.
  4. Masks will be compulsory in some places.
  5. Public gatherings will be allowed up to 10 people.
  6. Shops will reopen.
  7. Bars, restaurants, cinemas and beaches remain closed.
  8. Virus tests will be carried out.
  9. Anyone who is positive must be isolated for 14 days.
  10. Football and rugby is cancelled until September.