PM Jean Castex to visit Haute-Garonne today

Prime Minister Jean Castex to visit Haute-Garonne

Prime Minister Jean Castex is due to visit Haute-Garonne this Tuesday to talk about education.

The head of government will go to a summer camp in Mondonville, in the northwest of the department and will address the issue of learning holidays.

This is the Prime Minister’s first trip to Haute-Garonne since taking office.

The “learning vacations” operation was set up by the Ministry of Education: “The learning vacations operation aims to meet the need for collective experiences, and the sharing of knowledge after the confinement period. The children and young people most deprived of these contributions must be offered a specific and renewed range of activities, “said Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education.

The broad outline of the project also included the “learning camps” offered by the organisers of summer camps (popular education association, local authority, private structures, works council, etc.)