Police clamp down on drugs in Perpignan, 7 arrested

Une Voiture de police - image d'illustration. / © IP3 PRESS/MAXPPP

In Perpignan, 300 people were checked and seven arrests made during an anti-drug and neighbourhood security operation.

The police operation took place over two days, last Thursday and Friday. Drugs were seized, businesses were checked and seven individuals, including two minors, were arrested.

It was against a backdrop of tensions between rival gangs fighting over the drug market that the police intervened in several areas in Perpignan.  The police were reinforced by a mobile unit to help with the exercise.

The targeted places were the Place du Puig, Place Cassanyes, the HLM Bétriu,Champ de Mars, the residence “Les Oiseaux”, Clodion, and Baléares.

300 people and several drinking establishments were checked and inspected.

Two dealers were arrested in Champ de Mars, the first carrying 66 grams of cannabis resin, €250 in cash and a precision scale, and the second was carrying 110 grams of cannabis resin composed of 38 doses made for resale, and the sum of €540 in cash.

Cannabis resin with a total weight of 350 grams, in perfectly identical packaging, was also discovered nearby, in the old hammam of the city, thanks to a police dog.

A 14-year-old minor was arrested for contempt of public authority.

The control of a suspicious individual camped outside the youth centre, resulted in the seizure of two bags of cannabis resin, €570 in cash and packaging material in the boot of a car.

At Place Cassanyes, the assistance of the PAF police led to two further arrests.

At HLM Bétriu, a 16-year-old minor was arrested after being spotted using municipal video-protection cameras, and for handling an automatic pistol. Fortunately, the weapon turned out to be fake.

The next day, a dealer was arrested in the same place because he was found in possession of 13 bags of cannabis herb, weighing 15 grams, and €250 in cash.

Police plan similar operations during the next two weeks.

Source: France 3