Postponing the summer holidays?


MPs are tabling a discussion about postponing the summer vacation, so that it starts in mid-July and finishes mid-September.

Pupils would go back to school mid-September rather than the beginning of September.

The idea is to help the tourism sector.  This was the idea put forward by 30 LR MPs on Friday. In a press release, the elected officials, led by Vaucluse deputy Julien Aubert, relayed the “numerous questions from tourism professionals, worried about the summer season” in view of the coronavirus crisis”.  Professionals from hotels and restaurants are due to meet with Emmanuel Macron on Friday.

Taking into account in particular the “risks weighing on bookings in July”, they suggest in particular “to postpone the holidays of the first half of July and by also postponing the start of the school year to mid-September”.

They also propose that “the government provide for a tax exemption system for reservations in France”. It would be a question, they say, of launching “a great campaign” Let’s go to France “supported by the State” to help tourism professionals, but also “to prevent French people from reimporting the epidemic from another country on their summer holidays”.

Source: 20 Minutes