Ramraid on cash machine at Fabrègues Intermarché


At 3:30am on Thursday, a vehicle was used to smash through the walls of an Intermarché at Fabrègues on avenue Georges Clemenceau.  They targeted the exact spot of the cash machine which was located inside.

According to Midi Libre, the perpetrators had first unsealed a concrete stud located in front of the cash machine to protect it, before forcing the metal door which secured the cash machine.  Then the vehicle was used as a ram to smash the machine.

The thieves managed to escape with the cash box, leaving the ram vehicle in the wall.

A police investigation was opened, and the teams at the Hérault research section, Castelnau-le-Lez research brigade and the Saint-Jean de Védas brigade are working together on finding the thieves.

Source: Midi Libre