Rare sighting of whale in Brittany bay

A common minke whale

A fisherman has captured footage of a rare incursion by a whale into relatively shallow waters off the coast of Brittany.

Embedded video

The animal – identified as a common minke whale – was sighted in the Rade de Brest. The footage was released on social media by the Oceanopolis association.

In a statement, Oceanopolis said that while minke whales are regular visitors to seas off the coast of Brittany, they rarely enter the bay.

“The Rade de Brest is a shallow area and therefore uninteresting for whales,” marine mammal expert Christine Dumas told Ouest France. “This individual was certainly following prey … Maybe he’s already gone back out to sea.”

Adult minke whales can reach up to 9m in length, and while they do not pose a threat to humans, they can hinder shipping navigation in the confines of a bay when they come up for air.

The bay has been an important military port and has several military installations including a submarine base at the Île Longue.

Source: The Connexion