Red alerts for traffic across France this weekend

Traffic is expected to be at its worst on Saturday, especially for people returning from holidays

Traffic across France is expected to be exceptionally heavy this weekend for journeys to and from the south and major holiday destinations, especially on Saturday.

Saturday August 17


Bison Futé has classed Saturday as “red” for the entire country, for travellers ending their holidays and coming back to the major cities (returns).

The A10 motorway near Bordeaux is expected to be especially busy, as is the A62 between Bordeaux, Toulouse and Narbonne; and the A9 between Narbonne and Montpellier.

For those driving south (departures), there is a red alert in the south of the country – including in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – and an orange alert for the north.

Drivers are also warned to avoid the Mont-Blanc tunnel towards Italy between 16h and 19h on Saturday, as queues of up to 30 minutes are expected.


Sunday August 18


Sunday will not be as gridlocked, the forecaster said, with a green rating (no problems) for those leaving the major cities, across the entire country.

For those returning from holiday, however, there is an “orange” alert across most of the country, with a “red” warning in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Queues of 30 minutes to an hour are expected through the Mont-Blanc tunnel from Italy.

Drivers are warned to avoid the Ile-de-France region, especially before 12h.

Source: The Connexion, Bison Futé