Red faces all round as new football stadium in Montpellier is delayed

The new suggestion for the Louis-Nicollin stadium location

Montpellier Mayor Philippe Saurel announced that the project to build the new football stadium will be delayed “by at least a year”.

There was a press conference to announce that there is an issue about the potential noise from the Montpellier airport, which will affect the current plan to build the new complex at the Zac Cambaceres.  This means that the plans that are drawn up for the future Louis-Nicollin stadium will have to be binned.

Apparently no-one in the team foresaw that the airport was going to increase capacity (despite that their goal has been publicly stated for some years), and now that they have increased, the issue is whether it will be too noisy for the site.  Yes it will be, said a new noise study report.

The football stadium is being partially funded by a private enterprise, and they now haven’t ruled out picking a completely different site for the complex.

Philippe Saurel did not hide his disappointment during the press conference this Tuesday, when he said, “It’s as if we were starting from scratch, or almost.”  The first idea would be to reverse the initial project. All housing would be moved on the left side, beyond the new zone C, while the new sports hall, the Louis-Nicollin stadium and all the tertiary buildings (offices, commercial and industrial activities) would take place a few hundred meters further to the right, where these types of constructions are permitted.

However, some problems of feasibility were announced by Philippe Saurel. “Today we are trying to find a suitable solution, but we haven’t ruled out looking for another site”.

All the studies carried out must be done again, writing off the €200,000 already spent on the feasibility study.

The 10 million euros earmarked to contribute to the stadium this year will now be distributed to the general city and metropolis budget.

[Red faces all round then, Ed]

Source: Midi Libre