Renesting in France – Seminar and Tours


By Renestance

When I first landed in France, with my suitcases and two cats, that was the sum total of what I owned and whom I knew in my new home. I had a job and did speak passable French, (don’t feel too sorry for me), but I had way more questions than answers and felt like an idiot about 98% of the time. Of course I muddled through, got very comfortable laughing at myself, and eventually figured out how to live in Paris.

Well after I no longer needed it, I learned of an event called Bloom Where You’re Planted, put on by an expat organization. It was a gathering of all the subject matter experts you would need to speak to if you were arriving in Paris, albeit a bit skewed toward expat wives with children. When we moved down to Montpellier in 2010, I looked for something similar but never found it.

So this year Renestance has decided to hold an event that brings together all the information English-speakers need to make their French dream life a success…and we’ll do it with local Languedoc flavor. Whether you’re thinking about making your nest in the area, you’ve recently moved to Languedoc or have been living here for years, it’s normal to have lots of questions about important matters.

At this full-day seminar, you’ll have the chance to get answers to all of your questions AND meet other like-minded people, all in one place! On Friday 27 October the Renesting in France Seminar will take place at the elegant Villa Mont Riant, a maison de maître in a wooded park, just 300 meters from the SNCF train station in Montpellier.

It’s a one-stop-shop event to get the low-down on all you need to know about living your dream life in the region. The sessions will be highly interactive, and you will have chance to reserve one-on-one slots with the experts, to discuss your specific situation.

‘Renesting in France’ Seminar, Montpellier
Friday 23rd March 2018

If you’ve ever tried to find answers to your biggest life-in-France questions, you’ve probably uncovered a lot of conflicting information or wondered if what you’ve found even applied to your case. Our partners will present their subjects of expertise, so you can be sure you’re getting the most complete and accurate information. 

The discussion topics include:

? Financial, Tax, and Insurance issues – avoiding costly mistakes

? Healthcare in France – the system and coverage options

? Purchasing property – differences in France

? Renting (and renting out) property – what you need to know

? Immigration/residency issues – what are your options

? Volunteering and Social life – meeting people like you

? Learning French – different approaches

? Sports and Leisure – how to pursue your passion

? Culture and Regional discovery – getting to know the ‘real South of France’

There will be a welcome breakfast and a delicious lunch, besides a few breaks with refreshments during the day. During these times, you will be able to chat with members of the Renestance team, our partners and fellow attendees. Newcomers always appreciate the opportunity to speak with more seasoned residents.

You’ll also get a printout, with copies of the presentation and additional resources, that you can make notes on and refer to later at home.

The cost is €200/person, €150 for the second person in a couple (VAT included). Spaces are limited, so please register now if you plan to attend.

In addition to the seminar on Friday, we’ve decided to hold a regional open-house of sorts over the weekend. For people interested in renting or buying in the area, we’re offering a unique opportunity to get to know Real Estate and Real Life in seven popular towns.

Insider Tours of the Languedoc 

If you’ve heard about some nice places to live in the Languedoc, but would like to get a feel for them yourself, without wasting time in tourist traps or getting lost!, join us for one or two of the full-day regional excursions.

We’ll meet up near a public transportation hub and cover the towns mainly on foot (some public transportation possible). Your bilingual guide will provide insider tips to life in those areas (which bakery has the best croissants, how to get around, where do the Anglos hang out, etc.) as well as information on their property markets. If you have mobility issues, we do not recommend these tours, but contact us about arranging a custom tour for you.

Tours: €300/person per tour, €450 for couples (VAT incl.).

Saturday 24th March 2018

Option 1 – Uzès and Sommières

Two towns that are popular with expats, we’ll visit their farmer’s markets and explore the best areas to settle in each one. Transportation between the towns will be provided and lunch is included. Space limited to 8 persons.

Click here for the registration form.

Option 2 – Béziers, Pézenas and Marseillan

See a large, bustling town, a medieval village, and a beach town all in one day. Transportation between the towns will be provided and lunch is included. Space limited to 8 persons. 

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Sunday 25th March 2018 

Montpellier – Sète 

Touring the capital of the (former) region and the ‘Little Venice of Languedoc’ in one day is a tall order. We will avoid the tourist traps and focus on the best places to live. Transportation between the towns will be on the train. Lunch and train tickets are included. Space limited to 12 persons.

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If you are travelling any distance and need advice on route planning or finding accommodation, please contact us. We can recommend accommodations that meet your criteria and serve as an excellent base from which you can explore further.

If you are unable to attend the seminar but would still like help with a relocation project or French bureaucracy, please give us a call on +33 411 932 599.

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