Renewable electricity records broken in Occitanie

The photovoltaic power plant in Thézan-lès-Béziers: 18,000 solar panels on 8 ha.

Thanks to record hydraulic production and the increase in wind and solar power, the production of electricity from renewable energy sources in Occitanie increased by a third in 2018.  It’s a step further to make the region the first in Europe to have “positive energy” by 2050.

RTE (Réseau de transport électricité) have published some results.

Massive investments

In 2018, € 158 million was invested in Occitanie to “contribute to the success of the energy transition,” says RTE. Over the period 2019-2023, € 995 million of investments are planned.

Electricity consumption remains stable in the region (35.5 TWh) and total electricity production is 37.7 TWh, + 12.7% in one year.

Very favorable weather

Growth is driven by the growth of all renewable energies, particularly hydropower, which  broke a record (14 TWh), rising by 48.7%, with a particularly wet year of 2018.

The weather also favoured wind power growth, + 4% to 1517 MW and solar, + 6.3% to 1811 MW. RTE mentioned in its balance sheet another deposit to come, with the connection, “in progress”, of wind farms floating in the Mediterranean Sea.

An almost autonomous region

Taking into account the production of the Golfech nuclear power plant (Tarn-et-Garonne), total annual electricity production in Occitanie covered 97.6% of regional consumption in 2018, recalls RTE.

Aveyron, champion of the region

Aveyron is the top of thirteen departments in the region for the production of electricity from renewable energies. In 2018, it produced three times more electricity than its inhabitants have consumed.

“The South-Aveyron substation project, which is essential for securing electricity supply and supporting the development of renewable energies, was declared a public utility in 2018,” recalls RTE in its report.

But in Saint-Victor-et-Melvieu, the construction of the mega-transformer, “a kind of exchanger” intended to convey the energy produced by wind turbines located in Aveyron, in the Tarn and in the Hérault aroused strong opposition earlier this year.

Source: Midi Libre