Repair of the SNCF line between Béziers and Sète “must be a priority”


Carole Delga has announced that “the repair of the SNCF line between Béziers and Sète must be a priority”.  The president of Occitanie said “I am counting on the State and the SNCF to fix this major railway axis quickly, both at regional and national level.

“The work has started and I hope to have confirmation very quickly that the deadlines announced by the SNCF can be respected.”

20 trains out of 94 are running.  Normally the line between Béziers and Sète is served by 54 TER trains, as well as 24 TGVs and 16 intercity trains.

The number of TERs that can currently operate between Montpellier and Béziers and between Béziers and Narbonne is 20 on each section.

Alternative transport is the responsibility of SNCF, but Delga has insisted that additional resources are put in place.

SNCF are putting on between 25 and 50 buses daily, but in total 112 buses are running, helped by the network LiO Hérault Transports.

Source: Midi Libre