Reporters’ perspective on the women’s World Cup


As the US and the Netherlands prepare to face off in the World Cup final on Sunday, France 24 reporters open up about their experiences and the work involved covering this major sporting event.

Sports correspondent Kéthévane Gorjestani said that, by chance, the whole reporting team is female which has made it a bit extra special.

She goes on to explain, “Now, I wouldn’t say that having an all-female team was important… just for the sake of having women. I would have been against it. [But] in this case, we have a whole team of women who know what they’re talking about.”

However, it has involved hard work and there have been difficulties. “One of the problems we had when organising the logistics was how excited the American fans were. Everywhere we went to cover the US games was a bit extra complicated to find hotels because the fans were coming in numbers,” said Gorjestani.

Reporter Tea Bazdarevic tells us that it has been a fantastic experience that will be forever etched in her memory.

“We manage to stay objective but we have expectations, we get caught up in the game and it’s a beautiful experience,” she adds.

Gorjestani has been joined not only by Bazdarevic, but also Natalia Ruiz Giraldo, Armelle Caux, Stephanie Trouillard, Soundousse Brahimi and Zohra Benmiloud for the month-long competition.

Source: France 24