Restaurant La Cabane completely destroyed by fire

La Cabane, before the fire

The restaurant La Cabane on rue Théophraste-Renaudot, in Saint-Jean-de-Védas (near Montpellier), was completely destroyed by a fire on Monday night, Tuesday morning.  There is a police investigation in progress.

The alert was raised at 2am in the morning, when the restaurant was empty.

La Cabane, after the fire

A team of 20 firefighters arrived at the scene, a stone’s throw from the Midi Libre headquarters, but the building was completely engulfed by the flames.  Firefighters could do nothing to save the building, made almost entirely of wood.

The staff of the restaurant La Cabane, who had recently moved from Pérols to Saint-Jean-de-Védas, will be placed on a technical unemployment.

Source: Midi Libre