Roads in France on traffic alert as holidays begin


Roads across France – especially towards the south and the coasts – will be especially busy this weekend as severe traffic alerts are issued due to the start of the summer holiday season.

National traffic forecaster Bison Futé has issued an orange alert – the third-most severe – for Saturday rising to a red alert – the second-most severe – in the Ile-de-France towards the south.

Routes towards the south-east and the Mediterranean, and the south-west and Spain, will be especially busy. Drivers are advised to avoid the A7 motorway between Lyon and Orange if possible.

So far, Sunday is looking less busy, with the country classed on “green alert” – meaning no problems – except for the Bourgogne and Grand Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions, which will be on orange alert for much of the day.

The alerts mark the beginning of the busy holiday season, as schools close for the summer and families start their breaks away. The Bison Futé alert system rises from green to black (total gridlock), and is updated for each holiday weekend throughout the season.

Summertime traffic is also expected to be exacerbated by vehicles from Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, as families in those countries also begin their holidays.

Source: The Connexion