Roof insulation for €1, it’s real but beware of scams

Maxine from L’Agence locale Énergie Climat de Montpellier Métropole advising on the 1€ scheme to insulate your roof

There is a government scheme in the Hérault to insulate your roof for 1€.  It is real, but some scams have appeared since its inception.

Maxime Bouldoire from l’Agence locale de l’énergie et du climat de Montpellier Métropole offered some advice to people considering their options, and who are worried about scams.

“One of the main principles is not to respond to e-mails, never give your phone number on online advertisements and don’t provide any paperwork.  It is you who has to apply to the companies, it is not up to the companies to go to you.”

Essentially, if you have been approached, it’s likely to be a scam.  You need to contact authorised people directly.

If you aren’t sure, or if you want to talk this through with the Agency, you can contact them here on, or look here to find a professional in your area.

Source: Midi Libre, France 3