Sale of flammable products are banned in Hérault and Gard


Like his counterpart in Gard, because of the risk of fire, the Hérault prefect prohibited the sale of fireworks from Friday 12th through to Monday 15th inclusive.  The purchase, sale, transport and use of fireworks and all flammable products have been banned for the whole department.

Due to the current drought conditions and the latest weather forecasts, the risk of wildfires is currently very high in the Hérault.

“In the department, almost half of the forest fires can be avoided by adopting responsible citizen behaviour” said the prefecture.

The prefect of Hérault also reminds that the use of fire has been banned since June 15 in forest areas and within 200 meters of them.

In particular, fireworks, flying lanterns, burning of cut or standing vegetation, campfires and barbecues in a green area are prohibited.

Burning green garbage from mowing and gardens (shredding waste, foliage, branches from pruning hedges …), remains prohibited throughout the department.

In order to limit unintentional fires, the prefecture also advises to avoid work with machines and tools that can cause sparks and therefore fires during the hottest hours of the day (between 11 am and 9 pm) and during windy days.

€150,000 fine and time in jail

Failure to respect the these prohibitions will mean criminal prosecution.  In case of fire, even involuntary, fines of up to €150,000 and imprisonment may be imposed.  Damages may also be claimed.

Source: France 3