Save a vigneron!


By Rosemary George

Boire un canon, c’est sauver un vigneron ! 

In other words :  Drink some wine; and save a wine grower from financial disaster.

Earlier this week, I had an email from Mas Lou, a small estate in Faugères, explaining how just complicated the current situation is for the wine growers.   Essentially with the closure of all restaurants and cafés, and with wine merchants operating a limited business, their sales have dropped by an enormous 90%, but their overheads remain the same.   So the email was intended to encourage their customers to buy some wine, and with a system of delivery that observed social distancing rules.    As the email was headed: drink some wine; it will save a wine grower!

So may I exhort you not to go thirsty during the current situation.  A glass or two of an evening is a great solace.   Self-isolating in London with my husband, we have been delving into forgotten corners of our cellar, and taking advantage of offers from wine merchants who deliver.   Tasting caveaux and vente directe facilities may be closed, but other arrangements are likely to be in place.  So if you are in need of wine, do not hesitate.  Ring or email your favourite wine grower.  They will be delighted to hear from you.

By Rosemary George.  You can read reviews of Languedoc wines from Rosemary in our wine section here, and in her blog here.