Scam at SFR revealed


SFR has admitted that “an anomaly is being resolved” and have launched an internal investigation.

Many customers of the SFR phone plan have noticed discrepancies in their bill. While they claim they have never called abroad, these subscribers have seen calls appear on their bill to Maghreb, Comoros and Madagascar.

According to reports, customers of RED, the low cost subsidiary of SFR, have been billed for communications with foreigners since May 2019.  These communications always take place in the middle of the night, and last from two minutes to several hours.  Countries being called are Algeria, Tunisia, Comoros, Madagascar or Canada.

A Montpellier subscriber explains that RED has claimed €500 euros for a “175-minute call to Tunisia on June 13 at 23:55”. The subscriber said that night “the phones in the house were all on my nightstand, turned off!” He also claims to have “never, ever called Tunisia”.

The first complaints were filed in May, Le Parisien says that it was not until June 20 that SFR admitted an anomaly “in the process of resolution” and launched an internal investigation.

The advice is to check your bill and report any anomalies that you see.

Source: Midi Libre