Shiny side up or down?


There’s a rather bizarre subject trending on the internet now, and that is, wait for it, have you been using tin foil the wrong way round all your life?

Tom Kerridge, UK chef, BBC presenter, with a michelin starred pub in Marlow, explained that you should be using tin foil with the shiny side down, not up. He claims that the food cooks better because the heat reflects off the shiny side, back down on to the food.

Social media went into meltdown, amid cries that people have been doing it wrong for years.

Well, if you cared in the first place, you might like to know that there have been several scientific experiments to check this out, and the truth is, it doesn’t matter. Shiny side up or down, the results are the same. Producers of tin foil could quite easily make the tin foil shiny or dull both sides, but perhaps they recognise that people like a choice.

Tom Kerridge is either a genius at trending on social media, or the whole thing was a bit of a media storm in a teacup. Either way, his attempts to get people eating more healthily are not to be sniffed at. Healthy eating is much easier in France, great produce is easily available, so remember, buy local, and support your corner shops and markets!