Street and urban photography competition

Jane Dunleavy

The Languedoc Photography Group submitted photos for the street and urban photography competition.

I’m sure you’ll agree with us, that it is like looking at a different world now.  Some of these photos are so poignant, that we decided to publish more than the top three winners.

First of all, here are the winners:

In first place is Jane Dunleavy.

Second place goes to Siobhan Sheehy.

Siobhan Sheehy

Third place goes to Kerry Morgan.

Kerry Morgan

We hope you enjoy a small selection of the other submissions, particularly chosen for the inclusive nature of the people in the photos, a rare sight in these days of coronavirus.  We hope you like them too, and that the memories of street life in France will continue, despite this recent lockdown extension.

Mark Lunn
Jane Doyle
Ann Ashforth
Georges Dedieu
Ann Bone
Sarah Reid

If you want to take part in the competitions, you need to join the facebook group Languedoc Photography Group.