Tabacs to sell train tickets in Occitanie


Guillaume Pépy, president of SNCF, announced during an interview that you will be able to buy a train ticket in a tabac soon.  Four regions are part of a trial, including Occitanie.

“There are a lot of tobacco shops, we are selling less and less cigarettes, we could sell something else, and TER tickets are a really good idea,” he had said in February, and this week he announced that it’s going to happen.

He also announced some other new schemes, including a new ‘advantage travel card’, that calls to the ticket purchasing number 3635 will be charged at local rather than premium rates, and a new loyalty programme called “Ouigreen”.  Train travel will entitle you to free use of a scooter or electric car, in partnership with Renault.

We will publish more news about the trial when the details are made public.