“Taxi weed” startup offered loyalty cards for cannabis


It only lasted two months.  A startup business in Nîmes called “Taxi-weed”, offered same day delivery of cannabis by car to your door.  It was a Deliveroo look-alike for cannabis weed, hash and sometimes cocaine.

They had a system of loyalty cards, and a sliding scale of prices dependant on loyalty and volume purchased.  If you spent over €80 you got an automatic free joint.

Communication was by SMS, and orders were delivered free of charge, mostly around Nîmes, but occasionally further afield in Hérault.

Four people were arrested in connection with the business, and last week they were all sentenced to spells in prison.

Aged between 23 and 24, the individuals received sentences of three years in a closed prison for the owner of the business, and 18 months for the others.

“Well-oiled business”

The investigations revealed that the drugs were packaged daily by the manager, who evaluated the quantities to be dispensed and prepared a package with the drug and a purse to collect the money. On the return of deliveries, the dealers had to deposit the money collected in a safe installed in the business’ post box.

The most surprising thing to the investigators, was how well organised the business seemed to be.  There were business cards, branded boxes for the delivery of the cannabis, self adhesive labels to mark the contents of the box.  The company had 177 registered customers and 484 orders in two months and had generated a turnover of 18,000 euros.

[The owner of the business will have plenty of thinking time in jail, let’s hope he will channel his entrepreneurial skills into a legitimate business next time.  Ed.]

Source: Midi Libre