The Carlier Bakery at Hérépian


Sandrine and Jean-François Carlier from the bakery in Hérépian, Hérault, are passionate about their job, and France 3 have featured them in an article, mentioning their recent award for their products.

France 3 recommend their old-fashioned pain de campagne, and their wonderful caramel and pear cake with fleur de sel (a sweet sponge cake, crunchy fleur de sel, pear and caramel mousse, icing and nougatine).

Jean-François Carlier likes to invent new products, revisit recipes, and personalise them. For his old-fashioned leavened rye bread, he mixes rye flour and honey, and lets it “grow” in a fermentation chamber at 8 degrees for more than 12 hours. The rye grains give a little crunch to this natural sourdough bread.

Carlier bakery
13, avenue Marcellin Albert
34600 Herepian
04 67 95 83 71