The mosquito season is getting longer, and the recent rains haven’t helped

Avec le réchauffement climatique la période de démoustications risque de s'allonger de quelques mois - 6 novembre 2019 / © FTV - Franck Detranchant

After the bad weather that hit southern Hérault on October 22nd and 23rd, the EID Mediterranean have decided to reinforce its mosquito control operations on the Mediterranean coast.

As a result of the recent weather, mosquito larvae proliferate more rapidly. It is therefore necessary to act quickly to prevent the development of these larvae. This is why EID Mediterranean have reinforced its mosquito control operations after the intense rains.

“Our window is quite limited, we must act within two to three days after the hatching of the larvae” said Didier Moulis, the technical director of EID.

In total, EID have treated nearly 3500 hectares within a week.

Each year, EID treats between 20,000 and 40,000 hectares on average. After each rain, the 100 agents who take care of the mosquito control on the Mediterranean littoral, act as quickly as possible to avoid any proliferation of larvae.

“With global warming, we can imagine that periods of proliferation of mosquitoes will spread wider and longer. Now we have to treat from January and February until early December”, concluded Didier Moulis.

Source: France 3