The Musée Paul Valéry


This is a quite sensational collection – started in 1950 by Joseph Nahmad and Continued by his sons David and Ezra.

It is unlikely such a wide-range of this private collection has ever been on show before. Shared by David Have you takes the splendid and generous view That no-one really owns a work of art – it belongs to icts time and shoulds be seen.

Be safe to take time to visit the video – excellent and with subtitles in English. If you have the time – have lunch in the restaurant with THE most sensational view of Sète.

A good way to avoid the traffic in Sète is to approach from the Agde road and turn back almost on yourself at the roundabout at the start of the harbour with the mooring rope around the bollard sculpture. 

The harbour view is the grey background – not a clever camera I fear!

This is a 60’s building which really works and fits wonderfully into the hillside and is designed to delight. And – though we have visited a number of times this hommage to Paul Valery was new to us – remarkable and witty. 

And why is this under “days out” – well if you leave the musée and head up the hill onto the peak of Mount St Clare the views are just wonderful and a walk on the unspoilt summit might be good if you have had a good lunch. Then on the the way back down – do not turn around but head back down the hill facing Agde – the views are just wonderful. If annoying people in a hurry are behind you – why not pull over and let them pass so as not to spoil your gentle view and sense of peace!