The return of the bullfight at the bullring in Lunel is provoking anger


Some residents and the Crac Europe association are protesting against the return of the bullfight in Lunel, Hérault.

Lydia Bellusci is a resident of Lunel.  At the end of March, she decided to launch a petition, addressed to the mayor, Claude Arnaud.  The title of the petition is clear: “No to the reinstatement of the bullfight in Lunel”.  In one month, the petition has collected more than 47,000 signatures.

After a two-year break, the municipality announced the return of the bullfight.  The event is paid for out of local taxes, and yet 77% of residents in Lunel don’t want it.

A day of bullfighting costs €80,000.

A France 3 journalist went to Lunel to interview residents,  and opinions differed.

Some regard bullfighting as a tradition that should not be forgotten. For Sophie Chanal, a shopkeeper from Camargue, bullfighting is not a tradition in the South of France. “The bullfights are not ours, they don’t belong here!”

“We are no longer in the Middle Ages”

Didier Bonnet is the president of Crac Europe, an anti-corrida association. For him, the argument of tradition does not hold.  “Bullfighting appeared in Spain in the Middle Ages, we must stop now, we are no longer in the Middle Ages. And what is a tradition? A toxic tradition: killing a beast with a sword is an aberration in the 21st century.”

On July 21st at 6 pm, Lunel’s arena will host “a prestigious bullfight”, with the famous French bullfighter Sébastien Castella. At the same time, Lydia Bellusci and Didier Bonnet will make their voices heard on the forecourt and demand the abolition of bullfighting.

Here is the report from Caroline Agullo, Benoît de Tugny and Claire Delannoy.

Source: France 3