The social paradigm

First published on Tulsa World, U.S., March 11, 2020 | By Bruce Plante

At the end of the day, we’re all social creatures who need social interaction.

One upside of the isolated world we find ourselves in today is the availability of online connection. We are using it to keep the doors open with clients, suppliers, and colleagues.  People who have resisted technology for connection are now finding themselves embracing it.

The social paradigm is indeed shifting and when the pandemic subsides, and I have every confidence that it will, we will emerge from it with an altered view of our values and ambitions.

The challenges we’re all facing today are a crucible of change. The elements blended in that crucible will increase our strength and our resolve to build a meaningful future. For the first time in living memory, humanity is being forced to recon with an indiscriminate, non political adversary. An adversary that cuts across the entire human demographic…from the homeless person on the street staring at the bottom of an empty alms cup, to the wealthiest person in the top one tenth of one percent of the population, we are ALL vulnerable.

It’s a unifying scenario that will ultimately yield a stronger society with a revised belief system, recognition of the value of intellectual collaboration, and a stronger sense of self value. #wewill #change

By Bob Hecht