The winners of the VIP Cracker Fair tickets!


Last week we ran a draw for the chance to win two pairs of Cracker Fair tickets.

Thanks for everyone who took part, and your lovely tie-break answers, some of which are published below.

We are pleased to announce two sets of winners for the VIP tickets, but read this article till the end, as you might find a special surprise there.

Step forward Sharon Boretsky and Judy Bamber to collect two tickets each!

Both pairs of tickets will be waiting for you at the VIP entrance at the Cracker Fair, and they are valid for either Saturday or Sunday.

Sharon’s tie-break answer was:

As a recent American retiree to France, I love the local products and creations by area artisans. I learn about French tradition and culture through their talents and it enriches and expands my understanding of their background and history.”

Judy’s tie-break answer was:

“A Christmas Market for me is the real start of the festive season. Always full of happy, smiling faces of stall holders and visitors, creating an ambiance of excitement, friendship and the bringing of people together in celebration.”

Both tie-break answers summed up the Cracker Fair goal, which is to create a lovely festive atmosphere, and to bring together talented people with appreciative customers.  Congratulations Sharon and Judy!

Now to the extra surprise, we liked some of the other tie-break answers so much, that we have decided to award some single VIP tickets.

Ellen Morgan‘s tie-break answer was  “The bringing together of family, friends, and meeting new friends to kick off the holiday season and share a festive time together.  Enjoying the art and soul of talented artists and their lovely creations.  Sharing a meal that warms the heart and soul, and the joy, and love that is being shared.” 

So Ellen, you win a single VIP ticket!

Andrew Bagshaw‘s answer was “Christmas markets herald the start of Yuletide. A time to reflect and share love with family and friends. A  time to enjoy the seasonal goods on offer immersed in the unique atmosphere only a Christmas market can bring.”

Andrew, there’s a VIP ticket waiting for you too!

Finally, Andreas Wagner‘s answer made us want to be there right away, “The festive atmosphere, roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, knowing that Christmas is just around the corner, and being able to find all kinds of presents in one spot!”

Andreas, there’s a ticket with your name on it at the desk too!

Commiserations to all those who took part and didn’t win.  We wanted you all to win, but the money we take on the door is what makes the Cracker Fair work.  We’ve often been asked, why can’t it be free?  Well, it simply would not be financially feasible, so thanks to all you paying visitors who make the event possible, and well done to the winners today!

The Cracker Fair is on 23 / 24 November, 34560 Villeveyrac, open from 10am until 6pm.  Last entrance is 5pm.