Toulouse and Montpellier ranked high for air pollution


In the fight against air pollution, both Toulouse and Montpellier have been ranked with high levels of air pollution.

In their new annual report, Réseau Action Climat France, Greenpeace France and UNICEF France ranked the twelve largest French cities on their efforts to fight against air pollution related to road traffic. Toulouse and Montpellier are very poorly ranked.

The ranking examines the key issues: setting up low-emission zones (ZFE) and the emissions of diesel and gasoline, policy to reduce car use, financial aid to change modes of transport or travel, development of cycling and public transport, and finally specific measures for a more vulnerable public, children.

local elected officials must go further and faster

With an unequivocal conclusion of this report: local elected officials must go further, and faster.

According to this study, cities and towns have almost all implemented some good practices, but none has invested sufficiently in all sustainable mobility solutions.

“As for children, they are too rarely the subject of specific measures even though they are the most vulnerable to air pollution”, said Jodie Soret, in charge of the Air Pollution campaign for UNICEF France.

While Paris, Grenoble and Strasbourg seem to be the most committed in an environmental approach, a large number of cities are not doing what is necessary, such as Lille, Bordeaux, Rennes, Toulouse (9th), Montpellier (10th) and Nice, bringing them closer to the red alert at Marseille.