Toulouse-Blagnac airport is rich in biodiversity


Contrary to what one might think, Toulouse-Blagnac airport is rich in biodiversity.  352 plant species, 89 bird species, 15 mammal species and 42 butterfly species are listed on the Toulouse-Blagnac airport site.

It’s hard to imagine that an airport could harbour animal species or rare plants. However, there is a program of nature preservation, and it is now a true “reservoir of biodiversity”.

It is the third biggest airport in France, with an annual traffic of 9.6 million passengers. Scientific protocols and flowering meadows were set up in 2017 helped by the association Hop! Biodiversity.

Created in 2013 by Air France, the association’s purpose is to improve biodiversity in airport areas and to evaluate it with scientific protocols of the National Museum of Natural History. Today 18 French airports are partners of the project, in Metropolitan France and overseas.

In Blagnac, 500 hectares have been classified as protected areas and 60 employees contribute to the project on a voluntary basis.

Not far from the airport runways, in total there are 89 species of birds. There are also two kinds of bats and 42 different species of butterflies.  352 plant species are listed, including four species of orchids, including the Orchis lacté, a plant classified as vulnerable in the Midi-Pyrénées.