Toulouse, in the eyes of the Romans


The Musée Saint-Raymond have produced a video of Tolosa, the Roman city.

It’s actually quite a clever video, as long as you turn the sound off to avoid the repetitive grating sounds which don’t add anything useful.

It shows the trading routes from the end of the Bronze Age through to the Roman period. It relates the treasures which have been found in Toulouse, with where they came from. These treasures can be seen on the second floor of the museum.

One of the other fascinating aspects of the video is that it overlays the map of Toulouse through the eras, showing you where and when various key buildings were constructed.  

The video gives you a glimpse of the treasures at the museum, but go and visit to find out about the missing gold of Toulouse, the Italian wine which made Toulouse great, read about how the Garonne was used to transport goods on flat barges, and note how in the first century Toulouse was turned in to a modern city with sewers, drinking water via an aquaduct, and schools.

The pink city has a fascinating history, and the museum promises to tell you all about it. Don’t expect much from their website though… they don’t appear to have got round to putting the video on there yet.