Toulouse liberated from German occupation 75 years ago today

The Faubourg-Bonnefoy, Toulouse, August 20, 1944. / © Municipal Archives of Toulouse

The city of Toulouse was released from German occupation on 19 August 1944.

The liberation of the pink city began on this day 75 years ago, and the people of Toulouse were commemorating it this Sunday, in the old prison Saint-Michel, where Resistance fighters were imprisoned.

Toulouse and Lyon were important cities for the Resistance, Toulouse particularly because of its proximity to Spain.

A city famous for the protection for refugees, it has indeed welcomed Italian enemies of fascism, Spanish Republicans, then Jews from Poland, Germany and Austria.

The liberation of Toulouse lasted two days, and with help from the neighbouring Haute-Garonne, the Germans were forced out.  As they withdrew, the German consulate and the Gestapo headquarters on Rue Maignac were set alight.

“I die for France and for a better humanity”.

Saint-Michel prison welcomed the people from Toulouse this Sunday, the same prison where Marcel Langer, the famous Toulouse Resistance fighter of Polish origin was guillotined on 23 July1943, after having written: “I die for France and for a better humanity”.

La commémoration de la libération de Toulouse, dans l’ancienne prison Saint-Michel. / © Emmanuel Wat/France 3 Occitanie

Source: France 3