Toulouse winner of €32 million says “it’s only money”


A Toulouse man spent €2.50 on the Euromillions and won more than 32 million euros.

“It’s only money,” he said, putting it all into perspective.  The 60 year old man is going to travel to Egypt, as he has wanted to see the pyramids all his life.

The winner discovered the news at 2am in the morning, and then couldn’t sleep for worrying about his ticket.  He hid it in a pocket in a jacket in his wardrobe, and the following morning he went to get it verified.

He is in the hospitality trade, and is close to retirement.  He gave his employers a month’s notice, and will soon be able to stop working.

Above all, he wants to stay grounded: “I had health problems, and compared to money, health is much more important, I’m not making a fuss about the money.”

He will buy a small apartment, and he doesn’t want a big car, “because I still have to park my car”.

His family is not aware yet. He intends to announce the news to his relatives but when he decides.

Source: Midi Libre