Tour de France 2020 includes a “crazy gradient”

Meribel Les Allues

The route of the Tour de France 2020 was revealed on Tuesday, and it includes the first “crazy gradient” summit in 47 years, to the Méribel station, Savoie.

The director of the race route, Thierry Gouvenou, said: “We are going to see [gradient] percentages of 15-20%. Especially for this narrow corner, even the car will struggle; we have to put it in first gear.

“We are entering a new world; a new way to climb high-altitude slopes, with crazy gradients…I think for the riders, it will be tough, because they will not be able to keep a regular rhythm. They will have to beat the slope as well as their opponents.”

This year marks the 107 edition of the race, and it will start in Nice on 27 July.

Christian Prudhomme, director of the Tour, said: “A summit with such steep slopes, and so high, has everything it needs to become a big meeting point in the Tour for decades to come.”

The road has recently been tarmacked, and was specifically created for [mad] cyclists.