Travellers arrive in Tournezy, residents and traders are angry


Local residents and traders have launched a petition in the Tournezy district of Montpellier after a group of travellers arrived.

“Even if they are deported, I’m afraid they’ll come back.” said a resident in Tournezy last year when she was interviewed by the Midi Libre last September.  She was right.  Last summer dozens of caravans were parked there for more than two months.  They were deported, but now they are back.

They arrived on May 29, and took up residence on rue de Montels-église, which connects the Prés-d’Arènes to Garosud. “To enter the roundabout, they removed two large rocks with straps and broke the barrier,” said a resident. “For the last ten days, the visual and noise nuisances have started again. They connected to the city’s water and electricity networks.”

The City filed a complaint the very next day. Cars were also taken to the pound by the police. But eight days later, the problem is still there.  In order not to let the situation get delayed like last year, residents and traders took things in hand. They circulated a petition in the neighbourhood.

On 4 June, the paperwork was sent to the mayor, with a copy to the prefect, the prosecutor and the Departmental Directorate of Public Security. “We ask you to use your mayor police power to enforce the law”, the residents and shopkeepers wrote, “…caravans and vehicles obstruct visibility, which can endanger people in the neighbourhood who use the road.”

Local residents met on Tuesday, and a spokesperson said “If nothing is done within a fortnight, we will file a complaint against the City.”

Source: Midi Libre