Trout tickling season starts on Saturday


1.8 million keen amateur fishing enthusiasts have been waiting for this Saturday, and the opening of the trout fishing season.

The Midi Libre focuses on the Gard, and the 16,800 people waiting to fish on the 800 km of good fishing rivers in the department.

“It should be a great opening day,” said Antonin Simon, development officer at the Gard Fisheries Federation, “because the perfect water levels have encouraged good breeding from November to January.  We could do with a bit more rain, but not too much.”

On the regulatory side, there is no change in 2019.  Below 23cm, the fish must be thrown back.  Only seven catches per day are permitted.

The 25 fishing companies that now monitor the department’’s fish have added trout into several locations on the plain including Praden – Beaucaire, Soulier – Bellegarde, Vallabrègues, Valliguières, Remoulins, Bastide in Nîmes, and in the Vidourle between Aubais and Sommières.

Source: Midi Libre

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